Saturday, 9 December 2017

Tricollage by Josephine, Lynn and me

We made three Madonnas in "Exquisite Corpse" style - one made the head, covered it, passed it to the other who made the body and passed it to the third in line to finish. Here is one of them.

Friday, 8 December 2017

protect us from madonnas and mad cows

"Mad Cow" and "BOOB" artistamps from a book titled The Stamp Art and Postal History of Michael Thompson & Michael Hernandez de Luna. Two stills from a 1973 British movie, "The Wicker Man." (That's Britt Ekland's famous dancing spell nude scene—plus body double for lower part of body—in the background). "Who, in watching..." was a scrap on the floor of my bedroom: I have no idea what it's referring to.

The white text on black is hard to read, so here's what it says: "Howie makes a cross in the abandoned churchyard. He sees behind him not a beautiful Madonna and Child, but a filthy pagan desecrating once-hallowed ground."

By the way, the picture with the strange white horned beast, over Ekland's blond head, is there on the wall in the original still. All I did to it was to cut off the mette and frame.

My life has been a weird wreck recently, but aside from saying that I'm so much more bedridden than I was before, I made this collage literally in bed, I'll spare you the details. Angie wanted to know the names of our new kittens: they're Stevie Ray (for late great Texas blues guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan) and Emmylou (for a stunning vocalist who's still with us—Emmylou Harris).

Madonna Postcard

From the archive. Madonna project postcard printed by Red Fox Press in Ireland- 1990's.

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Lady Madonna ... mail art

               My contribution for the mail-art exposition in Den Bosch.,
               another 'rorschach' dress.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017